The Adventures of Gesso Martin - This is my first novel. "Karl Roeseler takes a straightforward situation -- a wandering rock star, a lion, seven French maids -- and, with good humor and a charming light touch, rings magical changes on it. Particle by particle, with glittering clarity, the world of the fortunate Gesso Martin, the gentle chauffeur-cum-philosopher, gradually accumulates around us in an engagingly fantastic tale..." - Lydia Davis


Last Decade Poetry. "After a first novel of insidious allure, Karl Roeseler has composed in LAST DECADE a brief series of poems that are no less seductive. Each is tantalizingly scattered across the page in resonant facets that seem to emerge from an invisible and intensely present ground, into which the reader is drawn with the delight of a cat exploring the wonders of darkness. This is an absorbing and scintillating book"--Harry Mathews. "Roeseler's writing is always intricate, always deeply thoughtful, and always deeply human"--Mac Wellman.


2000andWhat? is a collection of short stories about the turn of the millennium edited by Dave Gilbert and me. Naturally we included stories of our own, along with other emerging and established writers, including: Etel Adnan, Margaret Atwood, Frederick Barthelme, Lydia Davis, Steve Katz, Kevin Killian, Harry Mathews, Ameena Meer, Susan Smith Nash, Kevin Sampsell, Lynne Tillman, Lewis Warsh, Mac Wellman, Karen Tei Yamashita and others.


Here Lies is an anthology of short stories about lying. The second anthology of short stories edited by Dave Gilbert and me. This time we spent four years in the editing of the book. We included our own stories as well as stories by ZZ Packer, Gilbert Sorrentino, Mac Wellman, Lydia Davis, A.L. Kennedy, Etel Adnan, Lynne Tillman, Lewis Warsh and others. The premise is that every story either features the telling of a lie or the presence of a liar.