Here's a PDF of the chapbook containing the complete text of Notions that was given to attendees of the performance

We used the text of my metafictional piece


as the basis for a collaboration with electronica musician


The collaboration took many forms

We got together six readers and recorded different people reading different sections of the text at various locations South of Market, including

The playground at Yuerba Buena, the pedestrian bridge connecting Zeum to the Metreon, Howard Street, a parking garage entrance, inside the Thirsty Bear, on Second Street below the Bay Bridge ramp


Here's a link to the mix on Thermal's website

Boxman Studios.


Mixed and edited the recordings, then wrote music. In its final form, A Walk Through N runs slightly longet than 20 minutes

In May, 2004, a live performance of A Walk Through N with the electronica musician


was given as part of the Archipelago series at the San Francisco Musicians Union Hall

 Coming soon will be the final mix