Welcome to the virtual studio of San Francisco writer and painter Karl Roeseler.

What my short stories and longer work have in common is their focus on quirky characters in unusual situations. John Olson in Rain Taxi, reviewed the series of poetry books published by Post-Apollo Press, including my book, Last Decade, and called me "the Buster Keaton of the Post-Apollo potpourri" which I liked since I often describe my work as a fiction of gesture.

I like to tell people that I began painting as a way of taking my mind off of writing. And it is true. I did. And it does. But there are also times when I write in order to take my mind off of painting. In both my abstract and my figurative work, one of my goals is to coax the viewer into noticing more details about her/his world through the experience of looking at or remembering my paintings. All of my work reflects the experience of living and working where I do.


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